Invest in Buenos Aires – Argentina

Invest in Buenos Aires


Since a few years ago, the economic activities in Buenos Aires have been in constant development, turning it into a booming and cosmopolitan city like any of the large capital cities in the rest of the world.

This growth is boosted by new business opportunities in different areas, which are attractive to both local and foreign investors.

For the period 2008-2011, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires has elaborated a USD 8,000-million public investment plan, to be financed in the following way: 40% with public funds, 10% with funds from multilateral agencies, and the outstanding 40%, with private funds.

Being aware of the strong investment needed to support this vertiginous development, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires is deeply committed to provide the necessary tools and decisions for facilitating and promoting the growth of this city.

In the following section you will find the necessary information to take advantage of new business and investment opportunities, which are being offered by our City nowadays:

– Why invest: discover the main reasons why this City represents an excellent opportunity of investment.
– Where to invest: learn about business opportunities related to public works financing, the strategic sectors which boost growth in this City and the Government projects to promote investment.
– How to invest: obtain all the necessary, specific and detailed information about the requirements and special procedures to invest in this City.

Strategic industries

The city has defined 4 strategic industries for which it has elaborated policies, plans, projects and some programs oriented to sustainable growth and investment promotion.

 ICTs – Information and Communication Technologies

The City of Buenos Aires concentrates most of the companies related to Information and Communication Technologies, which are growing at a constant faster pace than the rest of the industries. Get to know the characteristics, capacities and resources that promote their development.

Audiovisual Industry

The last technological advances and the changes of habits related to the consumption of information and content-related recreation have provoked a new revolution in the development of this sector. Buenos Aires relies not only on its excellent infrastructure but also on its creative and highly qualified human capital, high level of technology (comparable to the main cities in the world) and the high purchasing power of its population. All these variables turned this industry into one of the most dynamic and influential ones in the city economy.

 Real Estate Developments

It is in this sector where the City of Buenos Aires has received the largest amount of investments in the last few years, with an unprecedented development rate. The construction of business offices, residential developments, hotel projects and mixed projects are among the most important ones. Even though the city has already experienced a great development, it still has excellent business opportunities and it can continue growing.


Once again, the City of Buenos Aires has been selected as the best tourist destination in Latin America and the second best destination in the world. During 2007 the City reported almost 2 million visitors (+9%) and the inflow of more that U$S 2 thousand million in foreign currencies (+15%) and this implies its consolidation as an investment focus at a regional level.

 Foreign Investments

It is not always easy to settle down in a new country, region or city.

The new sources of information, the quite uncommon routines and the need to build ties with a very different culture may turn the process of settling down in a foreign country quite difficult and long.

In order to help those people that choose Buenos Aires to stay, either for professional or personal reasons, we have developed some useful material for making your disembarking in this city simple and successful.

We will provide you the necessary information about the legal forms to operate in this country, the tax regime of the Argentine Republic, and the labor regime in force, with the different kinds of employment contracts so that you can choose the most convenient one for your project. Besides, we include some data about the different ways of entering and staying in Argentina. Regarding these two items, you will find information about the necessary procedures and requirements.

We expect this material to be useful, and we invite you to contact us and so that we can help you throughout your investment project.

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