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Legal Advice in Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo is the capital city of Uruguay, one of the smallest countries by area in South America. Yet, just like anywhere else, there are dozens of court cases in this city and country on a daily basis. In addition, people often need advice on different legal matters because similar to other national laws, the Uruguayan laws and regulations are often complex and ordinary people can’t understand how the legal system works completely. That’s why they are looking for legal advice in Montevideo, Uruguay.

What can you expect when looking for legal advice in Montevideo, Uruguay?

Legal advice is a broad term that describes the use of professional and in some cases formal opinion related to the procedure of the law associated with a specific situation. The person who gives this opinion should be an experienced lawyer and their provision of advice usually includes analysis of facts and giving advice to a person recommending certain actions based on the law. The lawyer that provides legal advice is compensated financially or in some other tangible way.

A citizen of Uruguay or someone who is somehow connected with this country will probably need legal advice at least once in their lifetime. For example, a foreigner may look for legal advice when they want to work in Uruguay. Uruguayan citizens may need legal advice when they want to write a will. Others need probate lawyers or divorce lawyers. Here is a wide range of reasons that may require legal advice provided by true professionals.

If you are one of these persons, you should know that Kier Joffe provides legal advice in Montevideo, Uruguay too. Our law office is familiar with the Uruguayan law and we will do our best to help you prepare your case or get any kind of legal advice that you need. Keep in mind that our legal services come at a more than fair price.

We have mentioned some situations when you may need legal advice in Montevideo, Uruguay, but we would like to mention few more. For instance, you should seek legal advice when you want to buy and sell property in Montevideo or anywhere else in Uruguay. Next, there are situations when family members have passed away and a good lawyer can prepare the family for the legal proceedings by providing relevant legal advice. You can also look for legal advice in Montevideo, Uruguay when you need advise on separation, divorce, and custody of children. Finally, another good example is a situation when you are looking for advice on launching a business in Uruguay.

Start resolving any kind of legal issue right away. Kier Joffe office lets you talk with an experienced lawyer who has the right type of expertise and experience over all the legal matters you have. We provide in-person advice, but in some cases, we can provide advice over the phone or via email too. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time whenever you are looking for legal advice in Montevideo, Uruguay.

International Estate Lawyers in Argentina

Estate law is a specific type of law which is focused on issues related to the division of different kinds of assets of a person who has passed away between their legal heirs. This definition applies to Argentinean laws too. The fact is that estate disputes can turn really ugly after a short period of time because this is a period when people close to the deceased persons are dealing with different emotions. This is just one of the reasons why people should use experienced international estate lawyers in Argentina.

 Learning more about international estate lawyers in Argentina

Families or individuals dealing with legal issues that go beyond the borders of Argentina must look for complete estate planning legal services. This is the only way to ensure that every aspect of an estate plan will fit together and that there will be no legal problems linked to different jurisdictions.

At Kier Joffe, we have a team of experienced international estate lawyers in Argentina. We are usually dealing with clients who have assets abroad and help them create the best estate plans. We provide clients advice on Argentinean taxes and how these taxes can affect their plans. Kier Joffe lawyers are always ready to help clients minimize inheritance, estate and income tax in Argentina. Our law office also has contacts with lawyers in other countries and we are familiar with specific aspects of foreign laws.

Besides providing legal advice to Argentinean individuals and families with different international legal issues, we also work with foreign citizens who have properties in Argentina. We can help them minimize income and estate taxes and take care of these things in a convenient way.

Next, we also help international families and individuals who have family members that have held Argentinean assets at the time of their death.

In Argentina, there’s special law about recognizing wills. In other words, everything in the will must be according to the legal instructions provided in Argentinean laws. Our international estate lawyers in Argentina will provide advice on will preparation. But, what’s even more important is that they are able to provide advice in cases when the will is contested. As we already said, there are different situations in our lives and sometimes even the closest relatives can start a dispute over a minor legal issue and create serious problems that can end up in court. But, even if something like this happens, by hiring Kier Joffe lawyers, you can rest assured that your rights will be protected.

The best international estate lawyers in Argentina like Kier Joffe lawyers, known the Argentinean law inside and out. They are also aware that every client has specific goals and has unique circumstances. We know that estate planning and inheritance are very sensitive topics and we will do our best to avoid an escalation of the situation. Our main objective is to protect your rights and follow the laws and regulations.

Feel free to get in touch with us whenever you need international estate lawyers in Argentina.

Argentina Services of a notary to administer an oath to a witness Buenos Aires

Why Kier Joffe is the best in Argentina to provide Services of a notary to administer an oath to a witness Buenos Aires or the rest of the provinces?

The Purpose and Procedure for Making Oaths and Affirmations

Various United States of America (USA) states will allow for a public official (Notary Public) to administer an Oath at a remote location. With vast experience in administering oaths, our Argentinian Notaries will show up early, complete the written portion of the oath, administer the oath to allow for remote testimony.

Once you’ve taken the Oath or given an Affirmation in Court you are legally obliged to be completely honest. If you’re caught out lying you can be charged with perjury, contempt of Court or even perverting the course of justice. Lying under oath can be both a criminal and a civil offence. The punishment could include a fine and/or a jail sentence, depending on what effect the lie has.


An oath is a verbal promise to tell the truth. They are frequently made while holding the Bible, but it is possible to swear on another relevant religious text. If a person has no particular religious belief they can make an affirmation, which we will discuss below.

Oaths are used in many areas of legal practice. In contentious work they will appear in both Criminal and Civil Litigation. In non-contentious work there are documents that must be sworn as true in Probate and Conveyancing work.

Where an oath is given in contentious proceedings, such as for a witness appearing in court, the form of oath taken is as follows:

‘I swear (or promise) by Almighty God (or the person may name a god recognised by his or her religion) that the evidence I shall give will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.’

If an Oath is sworn outside court proceedings it will take a slightly different form, as follows:

‘I swear (or promise) by Almighty God (or the person may name a god recognised by his or her religion) that (followed by the words of the oath prescribed or allowed by law, so for example in a probate application you might swear that you have include the last will and testament of the deceased).’

In legal practice solicitors will often be asked to administer oaths for clients of other firms. This is to ensure that the solicitor administering the Oath is independent. The reason solicitors can administer Oaths is because they are officers of the Court, and they will usually charge a minimum of £5 for each document which they swear.


An Affirmation is a verbal, solemn and formal declaration which is made in place of an Oath. A person may choose to make an Affirmation rather than taking an Oath. An Affirmation has the same effect as an Oath and, as with oaths, there are different forms depending on whether the Oath is made in or out of Court.

For a witness appearing in court, the form of Affirmation is as follows:

‘I solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that the evidence I shall give will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.’

Affirmations made outside a court proceeding will take a slightly different form, as follows:

‘I solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that (followed by the words of the Oath prescribed or allowed by law).’

Other terminology that applies to Oaths and Affirmations include a deponent who is the person in whose name an Affirmation is made. A deponent signs their name beside something called a jurat. A jurat is the certification at the end of an affirmation stating when and where the affirmation was affirmed and by whom. It might look like this:

‘Affirmed at (place where affirmed), this (day affirmed, for example, 2nd) day of (month and year, for example, May 20XX), before me, (insert signature)’

The likelihood is that the current system of swearing Oaths or making Affirmations will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future. It may be questionable if it provides a practical deterrent against people lying. It may also be questionable whether a religious oath should be kept as part of a modern legal system.


The importance of hiring a good Argentina Criminal Lawyer

In case you’ve been accused of any type of crime and you are facing jail time or fine or you are facing extradition, it is the best idea to hire an Argentina criminal lawyer right away. The criminal law in Argentina, just like anywhere else, is a complex branch of law which includes many different regulations.

Another good reason why you need a reliable criminal attorney in Argentina is in case you already have a criminal history. Adding another crime to your list can hurt your reputation as a person. In case you believe that the accusations against you are false and you have a different version for the particular event that leads to your detention, hire true professionals that have the necessary experience, knowledge, and expertise to help you.

It is crucial to hire an attorney or a legal team that takes your case seriously. They must provide the necessary attention to the details of your case. With their help, you will be able to avoid harsh punishments or at least reduce the penalties in case you are unable to provide that you are innocent. It doesn’t really matter whether we are talking about serious or minor charges; every person in a situation like this should get the professional representation that will do their best to protect their rights.

A Buenos Aires criminal attorney that has experience and expertise in this field can certainly find every police error or even some legal loopholes. By doing this, you can expect reduced penalties or complete acquittal. The Argentinean law allows people to represent themselves in the court, but this is not a smart decision because any mistake you make can cost you a lot. There is no way to understand the criminal law in this country in just a few days.

Keep in mind that a good Buenos Aires criminal attorney team like Kier Joffe legal services can help you in many different situations.

For instance, we are specialized in extraditions which mean that we can help you even when you are wanted in another country. The Argentinean law is quite flexible when it comes to extraditions. We know how to use these flexible regulations to keep you out of foreign prisons and extraditions. At Kier Joffe, we are also specialized in cases of detentions and incarcerations.

There are different levels of contact with the police and law enforcement offices in Argentina – from simple questioning and interviewing to arrests, detentions, formal charges and more. As one of the leading Argentina criminal lawyer options, we can help people looking for help regardless of their current situations. You can be in custody, detained, held by the police, placed away, locked up, sent to jail or imprisoned – we had clients that were in different situations and we have always managed to help them use their rights. We are here to help any person regardless of their nationality or status!

Hiring an Argentina criminal attorney is always a good idea. If you want to get the best results, opt for the best attorneys like Kier Joffe.

Why Choose a Professional Probate Attorney Buenos Aires

If you have an estate that needs settling in Argentina, Buenos Aires then contacting a probate attorney Buenos Aires as soon as possible is highly recommended to ensure the best outcome. If you have an estate left behind to you in a will or if you’re administrating an estate in Argentina, Buenos Aires, then you might have wondered whether you really need a Probate Lawyer, Argentina.

When you can’t decide whether you should get a probate attorney, Buenos Aires, you need to consider that there are over 100 steps that need to be followed along with an overwhelming amount of documentation that needs to be done within a specific timeframe. What happens if I don’t hire a probate attorney, Argentine? Simple, then your succession of the property is at risk in more ways than one.

Why Should I Hire A Probate Attorney Buenos Aires?

If your probate estate is not challenged or contested than you don’t necessarily need the services of a probate attorney, Buenos Aires but they can still help you traverse the legal landscape making the whole process considerably simpler. On the hand, if your probate estate is challenged or contested by family members. Even if the past successor has left behind a will, family members who don’t agree with the administration transfer of an estate may begin a will contest. To keep your interests protected hiring a Probate Lawyer, Argentina is absolutely necessary.

Benefits Of A Probate Attorney Buenos Aires

You’ll Have The Right Support

The first and foremost advantage of hiring a Professional Probate Attorney in Argentina is that no matter how bad the situation gets, you won’t be alone. Probate successions can be a messy process, to say the least. A professional probate attorney Buenos Aires will make sure that throughout the process you’re completely in control, well0informed and help you make the right decisions that are in your interests to make sure you come out on top.

Resolve Will Disagreements

Not everyone mentioned in a Will is going to be satisfied with what they are getting which more than often leads to legal confrontations. This is especially common when there are divorced spouses and children’s feel that the Will left behind isn’t in their interest. You can try and solve the matter on your own but situations like these almost always end up going to court. An experienced probate attorney Buenos Aires will help you handle disputes and present your case in court so that the terms of the will are handled properly.

Dealing With Inheritance Tax

One of the biggest problems that accompany estate inheritance is the estate tax of the property that has been left behind. If the tax of the inherited property isn’t dealt with in a professional and timely manner than the amount you have to pay can increase considerably! An experienced Probate Lawyer Argentina can help you make sure that you don’t end up in such a situation. Having a probate attorney Buenos Aires during such a time can help you make the right decisions and take the right steps to ensure that your inheritance tax gets dealt with as soon as possible.

At Probate Lawyer Argentina, we make it our top priority to make sure that by the time we’re done with your case you’ll be completely satisfied with the outcome by providing unmatched support and helping you along every step of the way. If you want to learn more about our services or if you would like a free quote about your specific case contact us to get started!