Growth in the Buenos Aires-Argentina hotel industry

The hotel sector in the Buenos Aires real estate market is attracting property developers. Tourism is on the up and there is a diverse variety of options opening up to investors.

Hotel industry information:

•    Hotels are the real estate sector that provides profit in the long term.
•    Boutique hotels are a new phenomena that is one of the popular options for investors.
•    The location of boutique hotel is crucial in its success. There is already an oversupply in areas like San Telmo and Palermo, with hotels finding it hard to compete.
•    The amount of money required to open a Buenos Aires boutique hotel is estimated at costing between $ 2 million and $ 5 million US dollars.  The expenditure per room costs between $ 150,000 and $ 250,000, including land and fittings.
•    On top of the costs of constructing and fitting a hotel investors also have to consider the costs of launching the hotel on the market. It takes a lot of time, hard work and money to earn a reputation as a reputable hotel.
•    Enterprises in the Buenos Aires hotel market have the best chance of increasing in value.
•    Mid-range hotels make up the part of the market that is growing the most, thanks to corporate tourism and business trips. This sector needs to be standardized so that clients know what services to expect in this type of hotels. Until what is expected in mid-range hotels has been established, larger, hotel chains will perform better as people can trust in what they will receive during their stay.
•    Hotels with limited or selective services are the new tendency for hotel developers, successfully combining quality, basic services and fair prices. Rooms in this type of hotel are smaller but well designed and are awarded three or four stars.
•    Mid-range Buenos Aires hotels withstand the economic crisis and have an income of around 12% annually.
•    The amount of money invested per room should not exceed $ 70,000 US dollars in 3 and 4 star establishments. Luxury hotels are much more risky investments as they require an investment per room of between $ 300,000 and $ 500,000 US dollars.
•    ‘Fractional’ hotel developments allow investors to diversify and lower the risks in investing. Fractional enterprises are typically hotels with timeshare homes, with one room ‘owned’ by 4 to 12 different proprietors. This is a smart investment in places where there is high seasonality.

The Buenos Aires hotel market is expanding, with boutique hotels and fractional, mixed hotels creating exciting and diverse options for investors.

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