Argentinean Estate – Probate Lawyers

A probate lawyer is a type of lawyers that is licensed by the official authorities, focused on the laws and regulations designed for estate beneficiaries and executors related to settling matters of a deceased person. These lawyers are also known as estate lawyers and they are in charge of managing personal representatives over the probate process until the end. In other words, the lawyer will take the representative and guide it through estate planning, wills, trusts and other similar things.

As one of the leading Argentinean estate – probate lawyers, Kier Joffe lawyers have years of top-quality legal education. We also have experience and expertise that guarantees the best results. All these things are very important for the final outcome of the legal proceedings. In Argentina, the probate process and conditions depend on a few different things. Generally speaking, the probate laws will be used based on the location where the deceased person lived and where he owned properties. In addition, a testament of the last will he or she made can also show how the process will be managed. But, even if there is no will, the probate lawyer should be able to manage this process without any hassles.

The services that we provide as professional Argentinean estate – probate lawyers can be quite useful when it comes to the decedent’s testament, estate issues among beneficiaries or will. In addition to the fact that we can advise the personal representative, we can also be used by the estate beneficiaries. This is a common scenario when there are disagreements and disputes between the beneficiary and the personal representative. It’s also possible to contest a will, but this is a completely different procedure that requires a different kind of knowledge and expertise. At Kier Joffe, we are well-aware of this fact and we are doing our best to help our clients in any situation.

Now let’s see what exactly an Argentina estate – probate lawyer can do. First of all, he can obtain the appraisals and values of the property at the moment of death. Furthermore, he can locate and secure probate assets and non-probate assets and he can prepare and file suitable documents required by the court in a well-organized and timely manner.

A professional like this can also provide valuable advice and tips regarding the payment of final bills of the deceased person and the payment of debts. You can leave the task of collecting life insurance in case you are eligible as a beneficiary. As experts in this field, estate-probate lawyers like us can also help you sale the estate and take care of the income tax. Finally, we can also help the distribution of assets once the bulls and taxes are paid.

These are just some of the things that these lawyers can handle. A qualified estate – probate lawyer in Argentina can help in simplifying and speeding up the probate process for both beneficiaries and personal representatives. When you need a lawyer like this, feel free to get in touch with Kier Joffe.