Argentina Real Estate Appraiser Property Appraisal Buenos Aires

Argentina Real Estate Appraiser Property Appraisal Buenos Aires

Argentina Real Estate Appraiser Property Appraisal Buenos Aires. What is the property worth? Get the property valuation today.

Properly appraising a property’s value is often a challenge for real estate professionals.  An accurate appraisal helps finalize a real estate transaction correctly and in a timely fashion.  The correct pricing of a property serves as a starting point on which to base negotiations in a sales transaction.

One of the primary factors in real estate property in Buenos Aires is the property’s location.  This one element strongly influences a property’s price.  An appraisal must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each location in terms of modes of transportation at hand, the area’s zoning, and the quantity and quality of public services available.  Prices can vary from one block to the next and from one side of the street to another.

The second factor which affects an appraisal are the physical characteristics of the property.  This includes its design and appearance, the property’s age, its condition, the type and quality of construction, its surface area and dimensions, and how well it’s equiped.

A good appraisal should take into account potential clients’ needs, the area, the property’s condition, lighting, what part of the neighborhood it’s in, proximity to transportation and commercial centers, and in the case of aparments, what floor of the building the property is on.

A real estate appraisal is often based on the appraiser’s experience and knowledge of the local market.   Some people in the real estate field simply use the area’s average per square meter value, but others believe that method to be too basic and unprofessional.  Each property has numerous variables, all of which are very important.  A good appraisal is based on visiting the property (inside and out),  having knowledge of the local market, taking into account the supply and demand for that area, and analyzing economic conditions at that time.

Properties in certain neighborhoods increase in value solely because they are located in a coveted area.  Modes of transportation available, the development of the area, and even the prestige of the neighborhood, as in the case of  Barrio Norte, Recoleta, Palermo Chico and Barrancas de Belgrano, are fundamental factors in maintaining a property’s value.  In these areas, the scarcity and high cost of available lots also contributes to increasing property values.

When considering an apartment, another influential factor in appraising its value are the amenities the apartment building offers.  If a buyer is able to afford the higher homeowner association fees for these services, the amenities add value to the property.

Argentina Real Estate Appraiser Property Appraisal Buenos Aires. What is the property worth? Get the property valuation today.

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