Argentine Probate Court System

Probate is a term used to describe a special judicial process where a will is verified in a court of law. If everything goes well, the will is accepted as a valid public document that serves as the last testament of the person who passed away. In other cases, the estate is managed and distributed according to the laws of intestacy.

Explaining Argentine probate court system

Probate courts are courts that have the power to deal with all the matters of probate and the administration of estates. It is good to mention that in Argentine, these matters are handled by civil courts. In other words, there is no special court for these issues. Of course, when taking care of probate proceedings, the court relies on the specific laws and regulations related to this activity.

There are two different kinds of probate procedures in Argentine – successions without testament and testamentary successions. It’s not fair to brand any of these procedures as more complicated because it all depends on the specific circumstances of the case. In any case, at Kier Joffe law office, we are more than confident that we can help our clients no matter how complex a probate proceeding looks like.

The good thing is that despite the fact that the court system in Argentina is not the most efficient one in the world, probate cases are completed quickly. In most cases, the cases are fully probated after three months. This is especially true for Buenos Aires. When it comes to the provincial probate courts, these successions last a little bit longer. Yet, the most important thing, in this case, is the current situation between the legal heirs. If there are problems between them, it is very likely that the process will be slowed down.

Argentine probate court system allows individuals to handle all the legal proceedings on their own. In other words, there is no need to hire a probate lawyer or any kind of lawyer in this process. However, numerous cases have shown that having a professional lawyer like this on your side can be very beneficial.

Lawyers, like Kier Joffe lawyers, have the necessary knowledge, expertise and experience to contribute to this process. They know the Argentine probate court system inside and out. For instance, we have already helped hundreds of people in administering and distributing estate after the death of their loved ones. We were able to help them no matter whether there was a will involved or not.

At Kier Jeffe, we will help you collect the necessary documents that can confirm your status and the status of other people involved in the case. We know where to send these documents and when to appear in court. In addition, we will also help you protect your rights. Our probate lawyers are available in Buenos Aires, but we can also help you in cases outside the capital city if needed.

If you have any questions about the Argentine probate court system feel free to contact us at any time.

Legal Advice to Argentinean Heirs

The fact is that people don’t want to talk and discuss wills, their death and what will happen with their belongings when they die. However, this doesn’t change the fact that we will all die one day and that legal matters associated with the death of any person should be handled before this moment happens. The same goes for Argentinean heirs who are acquiring the property.

Generally speaking, heirs are individuals who receive an interest /ownership of tenements, land or hereditaments from a person who has died without a will. This is something that Argentinean inheritance laws have predicted. To put it simply, heirs in Argentina are persons who acquire property after the death of another based on specific set of rules. In Argentina, children, descendant and close relatives of the deceased have the right to acquire some of the inheritance.

If you are interested in legal advice as an Argentinean heir, you can always count on Kier Joffe law office. We have provided legal advice to Argentinean heirs many times and we will be glad to do this again. At Kier Joffe, we are aware that this period of your life can be difficult because you have lost a loved one. Most people can’t think about the distribution of property in moments like this, but eventually, they will have to take care of it. Instead of doing this on your own and go through the complex processes that are part of the Argentinean law, the heirs can hire a professional lawyer with experience in this field who will work on their behalf and protect their interests.

Working with an experienced Argentinean lawyer can ease many different sources of frustration and make sure that the complicated legal proceedings are managed successfully and in a timely manner. There is no need to waste your time on legal proceedings when you can hire a professional.

Inheritance law and proceedings call for the submission of different types of documents. After that, these documents are reviewed and analyzed by the Argentinean authorities involved in this process. If you decide to go through this process without help, you will have to answer some questions that you may be unable to answer. This is where lawyers like Kier Joffe can help.

In addition, at Kier Joffe, we will provide legal advice to Argentinean heirs regarding document preparation. In fact, we can professionally prepare these documents so that the court can take them and approve them right away. We can also provide more complex legal services and advice. For instance, it is possible to participate in will contests when you suspect that the will was falsified.

By getting legal advice from a professional lawyer who knows inheritance and probate law, you will make sure that your voice will be heard. At the same time, as an heir, you will know that all your rights are protected in the best possible way.

When you work with Kier Joffe, you can rest assured that you’ll get proper representation.


Buenos Aires Inheritance Law

The fact is that Buenos Aires inheritance law, or Argentinean inheritance law to be more precise, is not much different than the inheritance law found in most developed countries. However, this law has some specific characteristics too. At Kier Joffe, we are well-aware of these facts and we are always glad to help our clients with any issues that may be handled with the help of Argentinean inheritance law.

Similar to many other countries, primary heirs in Argentina include – children, parents, grandchildren and grandparents and spouses, siblings and nephews/nieces. We have listed the heirs based on their priority. According to the inheritance law, these individuals have the right to the inheritance, no matter what the will says. So, there’s a part of the estate that can’t be eliminated and this means that there are forced heirs in Argentina. This is what the law recognizes as a legitimate portion. This portion includes four-fifths of the estate. On the other hand, the testator is free to delegate the remaining portion of their estate in any way they want.

Widowers, as well as widows that don’t have children, can get half of the inheritance of wills. In case the deceased individual had children, but he or she doesn’t have a spouse, four fifths of the estate is distributed to the children. It is possible for the forced inheritors to receive less than four fifths of the property, but the testator can’t guarantee that any other asset except for the one fifth will be distributed to another individual. In addition, in case the testator leaves over one fifth of their estate to another person, the forced inheritors have every right to challenge the claim in court.

It’s worth mentioning that the assets that are part of the conjugal partnership, as well as the assets that were gained during marriage, are known as shared possessions. So, the surviving spouse gets half of the assets that were earned during her or his marriage with the deceased person. In case there are descendants, the rest of the assets are split between surviving children. Every child gets an equal share. In case there are no children involved, but the deceased has surviving parents, they will get 50% of the inheritance.

Finally, in case there are surviving ascendants and spouses, half of the inheritance is divided into completely equal parts between the spouse and ascendants. The individual assets are the assets that each spouse has before they’ve become married or the assets that they have received as a donation or inheritance after their marriage. In case there are ascendants and children, each of them will get an equal part. Foreigners or heirs that live abroad have the same rights, but they may have to pay different taxes.

If there are any legal matters involving Argentinean inheritance law that you have to settle, our advice is to use professional lawyers who know inheritance law inside and out. This is exactly what you will get from Kier Joffe legal office.

Argentinean Probate Lawyers Can Help You In More Than One Situation

Argentinean probate lawyers are providing professional services for the distribution and settlement of assets after a person dies. This kind of lawyers is usually hired in cases where the deceased person has a will. In addition, we are also hired when the deceased person didn’t leave a will. There are many people who are wondering whether they should hire Argentinean probate lawyers or not. That’s why we have decided to share this blog post with you. In this blog post, we will explain why hiring Argentinean probate lawyers like Kier Joffe lawyers is a smart move.

Whenever a person close to you dies, there is no doubt that this is a difficult time for you and people close to the deceased person. Typically, people don’t want to discuss the faith of the assets at that moment. So, by using the services of a probate lawyer, you can activate this process of settling the debts and distributing the assets from the beginning. This means that you can mourn and grieve the deceased without thinking about the process of distribution.

Furthermore, by using the professional services of Kier Joffee lawyers, you can expect to get help from true professionals. We have the legal expertise that you need in cases like this. Ordinary people are not familiar with the complex laws involved in cases like this. Estate distribution is one of the most complex areas of Argentinean law. If you decide to use serious probate lawyers like us, you count on our knowledge, experience, and expertise and take care of every legal aspect of this process. Once we are done, you can rest assured that you won’t be dealing with any legal issues in the future.

We should also mention that with the help of probate lawyers, you can spend more time with your family and do this in a relaxed way. You won’t have to think about the content of the will and the possible disputes that may arise in cases like this. Unfortunately, there are many cases where certain family members don’t agree on the content of the will and how the assets are being distributed and these disputes arise right after the death of the person. If you are using the assistance of a probate lawyer, the family members will feel that there is a third, unbiased party with lots of experience that can help.

In case there are some debts that must be settled, probate lawyers like Kier Joffe can help too. We can challenge the debts in a court in case you think that the creditor is trying to manipulate the numbers. In addition, we’ve been working on cases where people need assistance to change the content of a will. It is possible for the family members to refuse to receive the content of the will.

Whenever you need professional Argentinean probate lawyers, you should know that you can count on Kier Joffe. Feel free to contact our law office at any time.

Argentinean Estate – Probate Lawyers

A probate lawyer is a type of lawyers that is licensed by the official authorities, focused on the laws and regulations designed for estate beneficiaries and executors related to settling matters of a deceased person. These lawyers are also known as estate lawyers and they are in charge of managing personal representatives over the probate process until the end. In other words, the lawyer will take the representative and guide it through estate planning, wills, trusts and other similar things.

As one of the leading Argentinean estate – probate lawyers, Kier Joffe lawyers have years of top-quality legal education. We also have experience and expertise that guarantees the best results. All these things are very important for the final outcome of the legal proceedings. In Argentina, the probate process and conditions depend on a few different things. Generally speaking, the probate laws will be used based on the location where the deceased person lived and where he owned properties. In addition, a testament of the last will he or she made can also show how the process will be managed. But, even if there is no will, the probate lawyer should be able to manage this process without any hassles.

The services that we provide as professional Argentinean estate – probate lawyers can be quite useful when it comes to the decedent’s testament, estate issues among beneficiaries or will. In addition to the fact that we can advise the personal representative, we can also be used by the estate beneficiaries. This is a common scenario when there are disagreements and disputes between the beneficiary and the personal representative. It’s also possible to contest a will, but this is a completely different procedure that requires a different kind of knowledge and expertise. At Kier Joffe, we are well-aware of this fact and we are doing our best to help our clients in any situation.

Now let’s see what exactly an Argentina estate – probate lawyer can do. First of all, he can obtain the appraisals and values of the property at the moment of death. Furthermore, he can locate and secure probate assets and non-probate assets and he can prepare and file suitable documents required by the court in a well-organized and timely manner.

A professional like this can also provide valuable advice and tips regarding the payment of final bills of the deceased person and the payment of debts. You can leave the task of collecting life insurance in case you are eligible as a beneficiary. As experts in this field, estate-probate lawyers like us can also help you sale the estate and take care of the income tax. Finally, we can also help the distribution of assets once the bulls and taxes are paid.

These are just some of the things that these lawyers can handle. A qualified estate – probate lawyer in Argentina can help in simplifying and speeding up the probate process for both beneficiaries and personal representatives. When you need a lawyer like this, feel free to get in touch with Kier Joffe.