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General information for travellers passing through or crossing our border.

Do I need a visa?

This section explains who needs to apply for permission before travelling to Argentina.

Travelling with children / Entry requirements for minors (under 18 years old)

Single parents or other adults travelling alone with children should be aware that the Argentine Law requires documentary evidence that both parents have given permission for the journey before allowing lone parents to enter and/or leave the country.

Return ticket

A return ticket is a standard requirement for tourists.

Transit passengers

Passengers waiting for international connection flights and not staying for more than six hours within the airport are not required to go through immigration control or apply for visas.

Passport validity

The minimum validity required for passports to enter Argentina is equivalent to the time granted by immigration authorities on arrival (according to visa, purpose of the trip, etc.). E.g. if you are staying for only two weeks, the passport should be valid for at least two weeks.

Provided your passport has enough validity, if you are travelling as a tourist and and are exempt from a visa, you will be normally granted a 90-day stay, which is also the maximum length of stay that can be given. An extension can be applied for at Dirección Nacional de Migraciones, only once and for the same time. Therefore, if you are not sure how for long you are going to stay, we recommend that your passport be valid for six months when you enter the country.

Length of stay allowed

The number of days that travellers, who obtained a multiple entry visa, are allowed to stay in Argentina start counting from the date of arrival and continue to do so even if the person leaves the country, regardless the type of visa or trip, including tourism, business or work visas. For example, if a visitor is permitted to remain 90 days on a multiple entry visa and leaves Argentina after 10 days, he will be left 80 days. If he comes back 10 days later, he will be able to stay only for further 70 days.

Before the expiry date he may apply for an extension at Dirección Nacional de Migraciones, only once and for no longer than the same length of stay granted in the visa, also on a multiple entry basis. Thus, the new expiry date will be usually 90 days after the expiry date of the visa. Even if the person travels outside of Argentina, the expiry date of the extension remains the same, just as it happens with the original visa.

Length of stay allowed for travellers exempt from visas

On arrival, nationals exempt from visas are normally allowed to stay 90 days on a multiple entry basis. Before the expiry date they may apply for an extension at Dirección Nacional de Migraciones, only once and for no longer than the same length of stay granted in the visa. Thus, the new expiry date will be normally 90 days after the expiry date of the visa. If the person travels outside of Argentina at any time (under the orignal period granted on arrival or under the extension), when re-entering the country he/she will be usually given another 90 days, which can be subsequently extended. The number of times the traveller can re-enter the country in this way can not be determined beforehand and it is subject to Dirección Nacional de Migraciones being satisfied that the person is not covering an immigration purpose.

Permanent residents who have been living outside of Argentina

If you stay outside of Argentina for longer than 2 years, your permanent residence may be subject to cancellation. In order to avoid this, before reaching 2 years abroad, you should contact the Consulate General and express your wish to stay longer outside of the country. We will issue a certificate that you should take with you the next time you travel to Argentina. You may request this certificate only twice (two periods of two years).


This section explains the restrictions on what you can bring into Argentina, and how to go throughcustoms controls, how to recover your taxes, Postal and Courier Service System, etc.


No vaccinations or health certificates are required to enter Argentina.

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