Certificate of Criminal Records Argentina


Step 1:

The person who is in the abroad must contact the Argentine Consulate and request an appointment to apply for the Application of the Argentine Police Record Certificate.

Please note that the certificate is not issued by the Consulate. We can issue the Application for the Certificate only. You will have to authorize someone in Argentina, to submit the application at the “Registro Nacional de Reincidencia” on your behalf.

Step 2:

On the day of your appointment you must attend our office in person, with your valid and original passport. For Argentine citizens DNI is also required. 

Firstly, the Consular Clerk will complete your Application for the Criminal Record Certificate, with your details and print your fingerprints of both hands on it. This application must be signed by yourself.

Secondly, we will issue an Authorisation. You will have to provide the following details of the person that you are authorising to act on your behalf in Argentina:

-Full Name

-Full Address

-Telephone number

-DNI, CUIT or CUIL number

Step 3:

You will have to send by post, to your legal representative or agent in Argentina, the Application and Authorization issued by this Consulate, along with the supporting documents that we will indicate. 

Step 4:

The legal representative or agent must go to “Registro Nacional de Reincidencia” Headquarters Office for Certificates required from abroad, or any of the offices within the provinces, and submit the Application and Authorisation issued by the Consulate. 

Step 5:

Once the Criminal Record Certificate is collected from the “Registro Nacional de Reincidencia”, it must be legalised by either, the Argentine Foreign Office, if your legal representative or agent is within “Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires,” or otherwise by the nearest Notary Public Association (Colegio de Escribanos) with the Apostille of the Hague Convention.

For further information, please fill out the Contact Form on the right today or give us a call at:

USA: +(1) 212.300.6377
ARG: +(54) 115.218.3100

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