Real Estate Administration in Buenos Aires

Life is a mysterious gift that we never know when it will be taken. Whenever a person close to us (a relative, a partner etc.) passes away, the settling of her or his estate can lead to unpleasant stress. In some cases, these issues can result in family conflict even in situations when no one has expected something like that. This is quite logical because there are many emotions involved in these times. In case you are an individual that has been entrusted with the legal responsibility of managing an estate, hiring an experienced, qualified and professional lawyer can make your job simpler, easier and stress-free. Of course, this legal representation must be completely professional. This is where Kier Joffe comes into play.

Kier Joffe provides real estate administration in Buenos Aires

Instead of doing these things on your own, we will put our experience to work with our clients. At Kier Joffe law office, we have serious real estate administration lawyers that have worked with Argentinean and foreign families in managing and probating estates for many years. Thanks to this tremendous experience we were able to help many families. Our main objective is to help clients take care of every aspect of an estate in a cost-effective and hassle-free manner.

Just like any reliable law office, here at Kier Joffe, we have a few different legal practices related to real estate administration. First of all, we will provide advice and offer consultation related to estate documents. This is a very complicated activity that requires professional help. We are familiar with all the paperwork involved in this process and we know how to get it quickly.

Next, we will identify all the assets as well as the debts left by the person who passed away and we will distribute the property as requested. During this process, it is possible to witness some loan issues and claims that were not expected. We have helped both estates and creditors and we are ready to do this again. As successful lawyers, we have been opposing the claims of creditors for many years now.

Another important aspect of our legal services related to real estate administration in Buenos Aires is our ability to negotiate and provide resolution of family disputes. There is no need for one of the sides to feel like a complete winner or loser in order to end these cases. Additionally, we are covering real estate investments and holdings issues, conservatorship issues, acting as administrator of the estate, executor of estate representation, probate litigation, probate contests, and few other things.

We are a family business with a specific focus on estate planning and administration. Our client service is known across Argentina and outside the country. We are prepared to take care of all the activities that are part of real estate administration no matter how difficult they appear. Feel free to contact us at any time because we will be glad to help you.