International Estate Lawyers in Argentina

Estate law is a specific type of law which is focused on issues related to the division of different kinds of assets of a person who has passed away between their legal heirs. This definition applies to Argentinean laws too. The fact is that estate disputes can turn really ugly after a short period of time because this is a period when people close to the deceased persons are dealing with different emotions. This is just one of the reasons why people should use experienced international estate lawyers in Argentina.

 Learning more about international estate lawyers in Argentina

Families or individuals dealing with legal issues that go beyond the borders of Argentina must look for complete estate planning legal services. This is the only way to ensure that every aspect of an estate plan will fit together and that there will be no legal problems linked to different jurisdictions.

At Kier Joffe, we have a team of experienced international estate lawyers in Argentina. We are usually dealing with clients who have assets abroad and help them create the best estate plans. We provide clients advice on Argentinean taxes and how these taxes can affect their plans. Kier Joffe lawyers are always ready to help clients minimize inheritance, estate and income tax in Argentina. Our law office also has contacts with lawyers in other countries and we are familiar with specific aspects of foreign laws.

Besides providing legal advice to Argentinean individuals and families with different international legal issues, we also work with foreign citizens who have properties in Argentina. We can help them minimize income and estate taxes and take care of these things in a convenient way.

Next, we also help international families and individuals who have family members that have held Argentinean assets at the time of their death.

In Argentina, there’s special law about recognizing wills. In other words, everything in the will must be according to the legal instructions provided in Argentinean laws. Our international estate lawyers in Argentina will provide advice on will preparation. But, what’s even more important is that they are able to provide advice in cases when the will is contested. As we already said, there are different situations in our lives and sometimes even the closest relatives can start a dispute over a minor legal issue and create serious problems that can end up in court. But, even if something like this happens, by hiring Kier Joffe lawyers, you can rest assured that your rights will be protected.

The best international estate lawyers in Argentina like Kier Joffe lawyers, known the Argentinean law inside and out. They are also aware that every client has specific goals and has unique circumstances. We know that estate planning and inheritance are very sensitive topics and we will do our best to avoid an escalation of the situation. Our main objective is to protect your rights and follow the laws and regulations.

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