How to Immigrate to Argentina from an Arab Country

Kier Joffe Attorneys at Law: How to Immigrate to Argentina from an Arab Country

Kier Joffe Attorneys at Law: How to Immigrate to Argentina from an Arab Country

Find here the fastest and cheapest way to immigrate to Argentina from an Arab Country

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تجد هنا أسرع وأرخص وسيلة للهجرة إلى الأرجنتين من دولة عربية

The majority of the Arab Argentines are from either Lebanese or Syrian background with a smaller amount of Palestinian, Egyptian and Moroccan background.Among Arab Argentines, approximately 900,000 are Muslims.The interethnic marriage in the Arab community, regardless of religious affiliation, is very high; most community members have only one parent who has Arab ethnicity. As a result of this, the Arab community in Argentina shows marked language shift away from Arabic. Only a few speak any Arabic, and such knowledge is often limited to a few basic words. Instead the majority, especially those of younger generations, speak Spanish as a first language.

Many have gained prominent status in national business and politics, including former president, the son of Syrian settlers from the province of La Rioja.

Experienced immigration lawyers to assist you and your family to immigrate to Argentina from an Arab Country.

We assist individuals and families from Arab countries in their efforts to relocate to Argentina and obtain Argentinian  residency and citizenship. We manage and oversee a team of local Argentinian service providers to ensure that our clients’ applications are filed properly and that all follow up work with the Direccion Nacional de Migraciones (DNM) is handled in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our services are catered to clients who wish to rest comfortably knowing that Argentinian licensed attorneys are monitoring their immigration status.

Our package includes:
• Reviewing all necessary documentation by an Argentinian licensed attorney in conjunction with our local team of immigration experts.
• Scheduling of all necessary appointments with the DNM.
• Obtaining certified translations of all documents.
• Obtaining notary stamps on all documents from licensed escribanos (notary publics).
• Ensuring that all documents are properly registered with the civil registry.
• Accompanying you to the DNM to submit your residency application.
• Tracking your residency application and immigration status.
• Accompanying you to government offices to apply for your temporary National Identification Card (Documento Nacional de Identidad).
• Responding to any additional requests by the DNM.
• Obtaining necessary follow up documentation, translations and notary stamps.
• Updating your residency application.
• Accompanying you to government offices to apply for your permanent National Identification Card (Documento Nacional de Identidad).

Residency Process

An Overview of the Residency Application Process

Kier Joffe takes great pride in walking its clients through each step of the application process. At no point will you be left to fend for yourself and you can rest assured knowing that your application is being managed by an Argentinian licensed attorneys in conjunction with our team of local experts.

A general overview of the residency application process is as follows:

Proving Identity
The applicant must gather his or her certified birth certificate and, if applicable, a certified marriage (or dissolution of marriage) certificate. These documents must be either “apostilled” or “legalized” depending on which country issued the document.

Criminal Background
The applicant must obtain police reports from the applicant’s country of birth, countries of citizenship and each place of residency over the last 5 years. Police reports must be either “apostilled” or “legalized” depending on which country issued the document.

Traveling to Argentina and Submitting Your Application
All applicants must travel to Argentina to apply for residency. Argentina requires an entry visa for any passport holder from all the  Arab countries if the visitor’s stated purpose is tourism.

Lastly, the applicant must physically appear before the local immigration office (DNM) to submit his or her application. Appointment times should be reserved at least three weeks before the desired dates. The moment the application is accepted by the DNM the applicant is considered a temporary resident.

A temporary resident is entitled to live and work in Argentina, much like a Green Card holder is permitted to live and work in the USA. Because of the overwhelming number of residency applicants, it now takes approximately 1 to 2 years for temporary residents to be granted their permanent residency.Please note that the DNM requires that applicants actually reside in Argentina at least 6 months a year in order to be granted permanent residency.

Why should I choose Kier Joffe to assist me with my residency application?

The answer is the professional and personalized service you will receive from our attorneys in conjunction with our team of local Argentinian service providers.  We have found our services in demand by those applicants who do not wish to micromanage the affairs of Argentinian service providers who often lack the diligence and competence our clients are accustomed to. Our law firm has located the best and most diligent native residency experts so our clients will not suffer unnecessary delays in their application.


The honest truth is that we receive a lot of inquiries per month same as yours from arabs countries.
We are sorry but because Internet Scams without the copy of your passport we cannot help you, it is very important to establish what kind of VISA you can apply for.
Please bear in mind that the total legal fees could range from $3,000 to $8,000 USD and before you send us copy of your Biographical Passport Page to [email protected] you have to pay a retainer fee of $95 USD by clicking here.
Thank you once again for your cooperation and we will be awaiting your passport and Credit Card payment.
The Kier Joffe Team
Arab Biographical Passport Page

Biographical Passport Page

How to Immigrate to Argentina from an Arab Country

How to Immigrate to Argentina from an Arab Country