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Argentina Divorce Attorneys Buenos Aires Divorce Lawyers

Argentina Divorce Attorneys Buenos Aires Divorce Lawyers Law Firms

Argentina Divorce Attorneys Buenos Aires Divorce Lawyers Law Firms


Argentina Divorce Lawyer Buenos Aires Divorce Attorney

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The proven Buenos Aires family lawyer professionals at the Kier Joffe law firm are experienced in the effective resolution of family lawsuits as related to familial disputes or child custody issues. Buenos Aires family attorney professionals are knowledgeable in all areas of general family law, including but not limited to divorce proceedings, child custody and foster care claims in Buenos Aires Argentina.

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– Child Abuse and Neglect
– Child Custody
– Child Support
– Child Welfare
– Civil Unions
– Divorce
– Family
– Foster Care
– Juvenile Criminal
– Legal Separation
– Paternity
– Surrogacy
– Visitation Rights

As a branch of civil law, Argentina family law involves the legal issues pertaining to the relationships among family members. Buenos Aires family law encompasses a broad scope of issues, including adoption, child custody, divorce, domestic violence, juvenile dependency and delinquency, property rights, support obligations, visitation rights and paternity. Family law courts are governed at the state level, so the laws and regulations may vary by state.

The grounds for divorce depend on the state, and may be based on no-fault or fault. A no-fault divorce is available in some form in all 50 states; many states also have fault-based grounds as an additional option. A no-fault divorce is one in which neither the husband nor the wife officially blames the other for the breakdown of the marriage. Common bases for no-fault divorce are “irreconcilable differences,” “irretrievable breakdown” or “incompatibility.” Another common basis for no-fault divorce is that the parties have lived separately for a certain period of time with the intent that the separation be permanent. The list of grounds for a fault-based divorce may include: adultery, physical cruelty, mental cruelty, attempted murder, desertion, habitual drunkenness, use of addictive drugs, insanity, impotency, and infection of one’s spouse with venereal disease.

If the parents cannot agree on custody of their child, the courts decide custody based on “the best interests of the child.” Determining the child’s best interests involves many factors, no one of which is the most important factor. All 50 states have adopted child support guidelines. Some states use tables that indicate a support amount for different ranges of income, similar to tax tables. Although some states base support on the payor’s income, many states use an income shares model, which is based on the income of both parents.

Adoption is the process by which a legal parent-child relationship is created between individuals not biologically parent and child. In most cases, adopted children may inherit on an equal basis with biological children under state laws of distribution upon death of a parent. In some states, doctrines of “equitable adoption” allow courts to recognize adoptions when not all statutory procedures have been carried out.

A Buenos Aires family lawyer is knowledgeable in all areas of family law, and understands the strain that disagreements in the household place upon a family. The Buenos Aires family attorney professionals at Kier Joffe law firm are available for counseling in these delicate situations.

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The Buenos Aires family attorney professionals of Kier Joffe law firm are distinguished by a history of successful family claim recoveries and resolutions. If your family is involved in a dispute or disagreement case, please call a Buenos Aires family lawyer with the Kier Joffe law firm in Argentina.

Foreign Holding of Rural Lands in Argentina

Millionaire businessmen, magnates and multinational corporations are all buying up huge areas of land in Argentina. Making the most of the cheap prices and lack of restrictions they now own a significant percentage of Argentine soil. A new law is being introduced to help limit the dominance of foreign holding of rural lands buyers.  The new bill is called ‘Protection of National Dominium of Property, Possession or Holding of Rural Lands (in Spanish, Protección al Dominio Nacional sobre la Propiedad, Posesión o Tenencia de las Tierras Rurales). The President Christina Fernández has decided to urgently push this bill through that will impact the investments of foreign magnates.

The law will limit the control of foreign holding of rural lands to 20%. The law will affect rural land that is already been bought by foreign investors. Non-Argentine owners will be given 180 days to report their possessions to the government. A new National Register of Rural Lands will also be created that will keep a record of land ownership and the nationalities of owners. So why should the government defend the ownership of the rural areas? The government argues that land is a non-renewable resource that is different from normal types of investments. Nevertheless, the main reason for introducing such a radical and protectionist law is the sheer number of hectares owned by foreigners in Argentina.

The worst foreign holder of rural land ‘offender’ is Luciano Benetton, owner of the famous Benetton fashion brand, who possesses one million hectares in Patagonia: is the size of a small country. When Benetton bought the land it caused huge controversy and brought the issue to the attention of the Argentine public and media. Another foreign owner of Argentine land is Douglas Tomkins, a multimillionaire American and ecologist. Tomkins owns 350,000 hectares in Corrientes, Santa Cruz, Neuquén and Tierrra del Fuego. He does put the land to good use: implementing areas of preservation and conservation, however many Argentines feel it unfair that a foreigner could have so much dominium in their country.

Other famous foreign owners of Argentina include; Englishman Joe Lewis owns 18,000 hectares in Río Negro and American Ted Turner owns 5,000 hectares in Neuquén and Tierra del Fuego. It isn’t just millionaire individuals buying up rural areas: in recent years, Arab and Asian corporations have also jumped on the bandwagon. For instance, the Chinese corporation Heilongjiang will use 330,000 hectares of land in Río Negro to produce food products for export.

The new law will limit the percentage of ownership and prevent foreigners from buying more than 1000 hectares in any one place. The bill is similar to legislation in force in the UK and USA.

The proven Buenos Aires – Argentina lawyer professionals at the Kier Joffe law firm have experience working with foreign clients involved in all kind of cases in Argentina. Buenos Aires Argentina attorney professionals are knowledgeable in almost all the practice areas of law, to service its international cases in Buenos Aires Argentina. International clients will have the confidence of knowing that the case is being handled by an experienced and knowledgeable Buenos Aires  lawyer in Argentina.

Argentina Real Estate Market

The Argentine housing market, along with many other parts of the economy, has seen some interesting ups and downs in the last decade. Following the 2002 crisis, the housing market benefited greatly for two reasons: First, as people had lost their faith in the financial market, the started pouring their financial resources into real estate. Secondly, construction costs that were measured in dollars fell dramatically, due to devaluation.

Unlike the 1990s, when demand was mostly stimulated by mortgages, the early 2000s saw many purchases being made in cash. The buyers and builders came from all sorts of different economic sectors, and they all saw a positive revenue flow as a result.

Today, all of these conditions have, once again, changed dramatically. Not only is Argentina is in the midst of economic and political uncertainty, but the mortgage advertisements have made little to no impact, as that credit simply isn’t available. And given the recession, people are less willing to turn their cash into bricks, preferring to retain liquid assets until the political and economic situations develop further. Many have expected a devaluation of the peso after the election, and, furthermore, nobody can tell how long the recession will last.

If the peso continues to fall, so will the salaries of those working in exportation sectors. However, if the dollar falls, it will become increasingly difficult to put any stock in the current dollar prices that apply to the real estate market.

Currently, the market is hampered because most people won’t accept that their home or property is worth less than they think it is, or less than it should be, which is the case for so many. On the other hand, it is important to remember that the market is what dictates these values, and the real price of assets can fluctuate from day to day, or month to month.

So property owners can maintain that their property is worth, say, USD 500,000, but if there are no buyers, then what can be said of that value? At the same time, those who did buy property in recent years are in a great situation, because they have no mortgage companies urging them to sell. They can hang on to their properties longer, assuming the costs of maintaining that asset don’t change too much (taxes, etc.).

If people do not have the resources to buy a place of their own, then, there is always the option to rent. Costs, however, are not so agreeable, and it is increasingly difficult to find people who can actually afford the asked rent. In short, the Buenos Aires real estate market isn’t dynamic because the prices simply do not meet the demand, both in properties for sale and for rent.

But looking at the near future, we can consider the following: 1) given the lack of money currently circulating and available, we can expect the emergence of mortgages that are actually realistic for potential buyers, which will, in turn, invigorate the market. And 2) an increase in the exchange rate will decrease the price per square meter, again, stimulating the housing market.

So it is important to realize that the market can only truly be unlocked if people are willing to accept that all assets have lost some value in Argentina, and the situation will only change if we look at long-term growth. Unfortunately, many are not willing to look at the long-term situation due to the political and economic uncertainty, but it is absolutely necessary in order to move forward into healthier, more prosperous times.

The proven Buenos Aires – Argentina lawyer professionals at the Kier Joffe law firm have experience working with foreign clients involved in all kind of cases in Argentina. Buenos Aires Argentina attorney professionals are knowledgeable in almost all the practice areas of law, to service its international cases in Buenos Aires Argentina. International clients will have the confidence of knowing that the case is being handled by an experienced and knowledgeable Buenos Aires  lawyer in Argentina.

Argentina Lobby Argentina Firm Lobbyist Buenos Aires

Argentina Lobby Firm Argentina Lobbyist Buenos Aires Firm

Why you need an effective lobbyist right now… Every single day, the Argentine federal government makes decisions with far-reaching implications. Whether you’re a business, association or non-profit , you have been impacted by these actions. Taxes you pay, regulations you adhere to – any number of areas where legal and regulatory requirements affect your operations, profitability, even your survival — are constantly subject to change. A bill or rulemaking could drastically change your operating requirements and expenses, limit opportunities for growth, or provide a competitive advantage to others in your industry. Much of this takes place far from the public view, and many aren’t aware that change was even being contemplated until they find themselves on the losing end.

Argentina Lobby Argentina Lobbyist Buenos Aires Firm

That all said, if no one knows you exist, how could they ever take your needs into consideration? Having a federal lobbying presence is an absolute necessity in our current economic climate. Projecting a strong and ever-present voice to stakeholders in Congress and the Administration is essential for issues and concerns to be heard. Having the right lobbyists at your disposal will ensure timely responses to government actions impacting your organization. With government’s ever-increasing role in society, reaching into so many new areas of private and commercial activity, having an effective federal lobbying firm is now an absolute necessity.

Argentina Lobby Argentina Lobbyist Buenos Aires Firm

Transportation | Aviation | Arts | Physical Security | Data and Cybersecurity | Healthcare, Diseases and Ailments | Software and Technology | Alternative Fuels | Energy | Engineering | Instrumentation | Industrial Processes | Metals | Defense Contracting | Immigration | Non-Profit | Foreign Relations | Recycling | Colleges and Universities | Cities, Towns, and Municipalities | Utilities | Hazards | Labor | Environment | Manufacturing | Sales Tax | Emissions | Education | Grant Funding | Oil & Gas | Materials Sciences | Disaster Preparation and Response | International Development | Federal Contracts | General Services Administration

The proven Buenos Aires – Argentina Lobbyist professionals at the Kier Joffe law firm have experience working with foreign clients involved in all kind of cases in Argentina. Buenos Aires Argentina attorney professionals are knowledgeable in almost all the practice areas of law, to service its international cases in Buenos Aires Argentina. International clients will have the confidence of knowing that the case is being handled by an experienced and knowledgeable Buenos Aires Lobbyist in Argentina.


Nordelta real estate

Nordelta Real Estate Argentina

Nordelta Real Estate Argentina

Nordelta real estate: Investing in nordelta real estate

nordelta is one of those states where you find all kinds of properties and where the climatic conditions vary hugely from place to place. You have places with moderate temperatures and you have places which experience all four seasons in their full glory. Traffic Jams, beaches and mild earthquakes are all characteristics of nordelta. So there are a number of things to consider before you actually go for investing in nordelta real estate.

The first thing to consider for investing in nordelta real estate is to select the place/area for your nordelta real estate investment. This is more applicable to people who are looking at nordelta real estate more as an option for leading their life (rather than an investment option). That said, even if you have chosen the region for investing in nordelta real estate, you need to be careful with selecting the location in that region i.e. the nordelta real estate piece that will fetch you good profit. Generally, growth of business (e.g. big companies acquiring land for establishing their offices) is an indicator of appreciation in real estate (whether nordelta real estate or any other). That is the consideration with regards to new developments in nordelta real estate or with respect to significant changes in the economic situation of a particular place in nordelta. However, there are always opportunities and they are there everywhere. You just have to hunt those opportunities in order to profitably invest in nordelta real estate. Post cards, phone call, public auctions, foreclosures etc are all possible opportunities/ways of getting a good deal for nordelta real estate investment. You could also partner with the local attorneys in the region i.e. attorneys who handle property matters in case of death, divorce, defaults etc. These people can give you good leads on nordelta real estate investments. In such cases, whoever gets the information first gets the advantage. You can really lay your hands on some good nordelta real estate deals in this way.

Yes, that does take effort and if you were to think that money can be earned without putting-in even that much effort, I would tend to disagree with you. A small amount of effort can really make a difference of thousands of dollars in terms of the nordelta real estate deal that you get. Another good idea is to inform your friends in nordelta that you are looking to buy a piece of nordelta real estate and, in fact, let everyone know that you are looking for a piece of nordelta real estate. A very good nordelta real estate deal might come to you through one of your contacts, you never know.

So with the nordelta real estate prices rising (as always), investing in nordelta real estate does seem like a great idea.

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